Compare the Median Weekly Earnings By Gender of Different Occupation Groups in the United States
By Mershack Okoe
Created on October 26, 2021
Updated on August 12, 2022

Just as all the fingers were not created equal, all occupation groups obviously—and for a good reason—do not pay equally. Contrary to what you may have heard, hardwork does not always pave a road to riches, especially if it is in a career that does not pay very much to begin with. As you may see, or probably already know by now, some of the most hardworking people who work in the most dangerous of conditions do not, as a matter fact, earn the most money. Some occupation groups obviously require skills, skills that is usually acquired over many years of experience and qualifications; and some occupation groups require low level of entry. The hard truth is that, people who work in occupations with low level of entry, earn significantly lower compared to people that work in occupations that require specific skills or qualifications.

In any case, you can use the information on this page to compare the median weekly earnings by gender of different occupation groups in the United States. You can compare up to 4 occupation groups at a time. Just select any occupation group, select the gender you are interested in comparing and click on the Add Occupation Group button to get that occupation added to the visualization and table below. If at any point you want to exclude any of the selected occupations from the comparison, just click on the small 'x' button in the selected occupation. The information presented here is based on recent data from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you are however, just interested in seeing the difference in the median weekly earnings by gender for a given occupation group, you can see that information for many occupations groups at the following link.

Legal Occupations (Both Genders)
Management Occupations (Both Genders)
A Comparison of the Median Weekly Earnings of a Group of Occupation Groups By Gender
Legal Occupations (Both Genders)
Management Occupations (Both Genders)
A comparison of the Median Weekly Earnings of a Selected Group of Occupation Groups in the United States
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  • Occupation Group1 — Legal Occupations (Both Genders)
  • Occupation Group2 — Management Occupations (Both Genders)
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Year Occupation Group1 Occupation Group2
2002 996 982
2003 1051 1023
2004 1070 1052
2005 1052 1083
2006 1144 1127
2007 1148 1161
2008 1174 1204
2009 1200 1208
2010 1213 1230
2011 1277 1237
2012 1328 1248
2013 1253 1285
2014 1271 1295
2015 1391 1351
2016 1431 1370
2017 1443 1392
2018 1467 1429
2019 1562 1478
2020 1540 1541
2021 1586 1546