United States Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) and Inflation Rate: Northeast in November 2010 (Not Seas Adj.)
Updated on March 14, 2023.

According to recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in November 2010, the United States not seasonally adjusted Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers (CPI-U): Northeast was 235.094 and the 12-month percent change (inflation rate) was 1.5%. The following item categories had the highest not seasonally adjusted 12-month percent change in CPI-U:

  1. Motor fuel: 8.4%
  2. Professional services: 2.6%
  3. Food at home: 2.1%

The first chart below shows the 12-month percent change in CPI-U for a selected group of item categories, and the second chart shows the CPI-U for the selected group of item categories. You can also use the control below to select your own categories to see on the chart (at most 10). The table below have data on the CPI-U: Northeast and the 12-month percent change (inflation rate) for many more item categories in November 2010.

See links at the bottom of this page for similar information for other months. You can also see the monthly links for many other years here and for other US geographic areas here.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the change in prices paid by consumers for goods and services. The CPI of all urban consumers (CPI-U) reflects the spending patterns of all urban consumers which represents about 93 percent of the total US population. The CPI-U is based on the expenditures of almost all residents of urban or metropolitan areas, including professionals, the self-employed, the poor, the unemployed, and retired people, as well as urban wage earners and clerical workers.

All items
All items less food and energy
All items less medical care
Food at home
Professional services
Motor fuel
12-Month Percent Change of US CPI-U: Northeast of Selected Categories in November 2010 (Not Seas Adj.)
Motor fuel
Professional services
Food at home
All items
All items less medical care
All items less food and energy
US CPI-U: Northeast in November 2010 (Not Seas Adj.) (%)
Professional services
Motor fuel
All items less food and energy
All items
All items less medical care
Food at home
Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) and Inflation Rate: Northeast of Selected categories in November 2010 (Not Seas Adj.)
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Item CPI-U 12-month % change (Inflation Rate)
All items 235.094 1.5
Energy 217.035 4.4
All items less food 236.798 1.4
All items less food and energy 242.947 1.1
All items less shelter 216.025 1.8
All items less medical care 227.2 1.4
All items less energy 239.238 1.2
Apparel 125.977 1.2
Commodities 182.328 2.0
Energy commodities 253.408 8.7
Commodities less food 158.358 2.1
Commodities less food and beverages 155.328 2.1
Commodities less food and energy commodities 148.168 0.5
Durables 108.715 -0.4
Education and communication 134.04 1.0
Education and communication commodities 98.408
Education and communication services 101.238
Food and beverages 227.749 1.7
Food 227.127 1.8
Food at home 224.834 2.1
Alcoholic beverages 234.889 1.2
Other goods and services 412.454 2.6
Other goods 103.027
Other personal services 101.564
Housing 244.016 0.6
Shelter 292.073 0.7
Fuels and utilities 216.044 1.8
Household energy 198.334 1.2
Household furnishings and operations 125.308 -1.7
Household furnishings and supplies 98.223
Medical care 412.373 3.3
Medical care commodities 343.691 3.5
Medical care services 429.818 3.2
Nondurables 212.745 2.7
Nondurables less food 198.44 3.5
Nondurables less food and beverages 196.282 3.6
Nondurables less food, beverages, and apparel 251.518 4.5
Nondurables less food and apparel 247.86 4.2
Recreation 117.873 -0.8
Recreation commodities 96.463
Recreation services 102.31
Services 286.811 1.2
Rent of shelter 305.449 0.7
Other services 334.884 1.3
Transportation services 249.556 2.4
Services less rent of shelter 291.423 1.7
Services less medical care services 276.634 1.0
Services less energy services 295.785 1.3
Transportation 195.764 3.8
Private transportation 189.45 3.7
Transportation commodities less motor fuel 101.222
Food away from home 233.113 1.4
Rent of primary residence 289.958 2.0
Owners' equivalent rent of residences 304.418 0.6
Owners' equivalent rent of primary residence 304.374 0.6
Energy services 196.27 -0.9
Electricity 189.401 0.6
Utility (piped) gas service 199.783 -4.1
Professional services 331.875 2.6
New and used motor vehicles 96.107 0.4
New vehicles 137.556 -0.4
Used cars and trucks 148.975 7.2
Motor fuel 243.026 8.4
Gasoline (all types) 242.163 8.3
New cars 134.34 -1.4
New cars and trucks 95.331 -0.3
Gasoline, unleaded regular 243.298 8.4
Gasoline, unleaded midgrade 246.375 8.1
Gasoline, unleaded premium 234.43 7.9

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