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By Mershack Okoe.
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We looked at daily new cases of COVID-19 reported for African countries using data from Johns Hopkins University. We present this information with two visualizations.

The first visualization shows the total new cases for the whole of Africa and the second visualization compares the 7-day-Average of new cases for each African country. We also have a table that contains the newly reported cases for all African countries by date.

Note: We will be updating this data daily based on new data from Johns Hopkins University.

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Use the controls below to change between new-cases and new-deaths. Also hover on the bars and line to see the actual values.
The chart below shows a comparison of the seven day average of new cases and new deaths in African countries. Few countries have been selected by default. You can use the controls below to add or remove countries from the chart.
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Timeline: Use the above slider to check progress over time.