Idaho Black Population By County, 2018
Updated on December 2, 2021.

According to the US Census Bureau estimates, 15,400 (0.88%) of the 1,752,074 Idaho population in 2018 identified as Black or African American alone.

In the map below, we show the specific number of Blacks or African Americans per county in Idaho. We also show the percentage of the population of each county that are African American and the gender percentages of the African American population when you interact with the map.

Ada County had the highest number of African Americans (6,121), and African Americans constituted 1.31% of the county's population. Other counties with high number of African Americans include: Canyon County (1,829) - 0.82% of the county's population, and Bannock County (875) - 1.01% of the county's population.

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Idaho Black Population By County, 2018
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Table of Idaho's Black Population by County in 2018
Black Population
% Black
Ada 6,121 1.31%
Adams 15 0.36%
Bannock 875 1.01%
Bear Lake 24 0.4%
Benewah 43 0.47%
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