Hawaii Population By County in 2018

Updated on April 4, 2021.

According to the US Census Bureau population estimates, there were 1,420,593 people living in Hawaii in 2018. Honolulu was the most populated county with 979,858 residents, followed by Hawaii with 201,509 residents, and Maui with 166,972 residents. Kalawao with a population of 86 was the least populated county in Hawaii in 2018.

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Hawaii Population By County (2018)
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Table of Hawaii Population By County in 2018
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County Population % of State Population
Hawaii 201,509 14.19%
Honolulu 979,858 68.97%
Kalawao 86 0.01%
Kauai 72,168 5.08%
Maui 166,972 11.75%