Nevada Net Migration By County in 2019
Updated on May 29, 2021.

According to the US Census Bureau estimates, in 2019, the net migration for Nevada was 42,237, and the top three counties that had the highest net migration were:

  1. Clark County: 31,283
  2. Washoe County: 5,894
  3. Nye County: 1,684

On the other hand, the top 3 counties that had the lowest net migration were:

  1. Elko County: -165
  2. Humboldt County: -56
  3. Lander County: -55

Net migration for a county refers to the difference between the number of migrants, both domestic and international, moving to the county and those leaving the county. Or to put it simply, the net migration for a given county is the inbound migration minus the outbound migration for that county.

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Nevada Net Migration By County in 2019
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Nevada Net Migration By County in 2019
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State Net Migration
Churchill 336
Clark 31,283
Douglas 675
Elko -165
Esmeralda 46
Eureka 29
Humboldt -56
Lander -55
Lincoln -49
Lyon 1,645
Mineral 5
Nye 1,684
Pershing 29
Storey 151
Washoe 5,894
White Pine 33
Carson City 752

Trend of Net Migration for Counties in Nevada

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